1-on-1 Coaching and Hypnotherapy Program

How can I serve you?


Coaching and Hypnotherapy are powerful modalities that help you create rapid long-lasting changes in your life.


Because it works directly with the conscious and subconscious mind.

While knowing what you want is very important, it's not enough.

Psychology has shown that our conscious mind is like a CEO, it sets goals, but it's our subconscious mind (the workforce) that achieves the goals.

All of our habits, mental and emotional patterns, decisions, and other programs that run our behaviors and results, are all run by our subconscious mind.

 That's why the coaching program is specifically designed to create that level of breakthrough at both the conscious and subconscious level to help you accelerate your success, confidence, and happiness.


Working with me


My work philosophy is to assist my clients to align their mind, by removing any form of self-sabotage and current limitations, and to step up into a new version of themselves that creates the results they desire consistently.


 All of us have amazing talents and abilities within us that are just waiting to be unleashed.

What's stopping us, is the built-in limitations and stories that stop and limit us.

It is said that success is 90% mindset and 10% strategies because even if you know exactly the strategy but fail to use it because of your mindset, it won't get you far.

The core of the sessions is to identify the root cause of your current challenge and to work on that in order to create positive long-lasting change in your life.

The coaching process helps you become more self-aware and empowered and keep you accountable to take the right actions.



How it works

An initial, free, conversation on the phone is required to connect, discuss and make sure that we are a great fit to work together.

For that, you can simply use my online calendar and book a time for the discovery session.

 Alternatively, you can also email me at [email protected]


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