3 words that create pain in our lives.

Aug 03, 2020

Have you ever noticed how words affect our moods and experience in life?

A lot of our attitudes, state of mind, emotions and results are greatly affected by the meaning we give to what happens in our lives.

And often enough the only thing we can do is to choose consciously what this experience means to us.
This is where our power lies.

Now, this can seem easier said than done.
So I want to share with you 3 words that, for many people, are negative triggers that instantly put us in a negative state and create suffering in our minds.

Those 3 words are: Loss, Less, Never

Stop and think about it for a second.
When people are suffering it’s often become they think they have :

LESS: Less time, less money less attention, less love, less success…
Especially in this social media area where we can compare ourselves with others all the time.
We see people have MORE and we instantly feel like we have LESS.

Or something happened and they’ve LOST something:
lost a relationship, lost money, lost a deal, lost face, lost a game...
Loosing can easily trigger a feeling of inferiority or failure within us.
We tend to associate losing with failure, or mistakes or being not good enough...

Or because something happened and we think that we NEVER gonna have what we want.

It’s unattainable, too far off, or we don't know how to get there.
' I’m never gonna make it, it never works for me, it’s never enough, he/she is never happy…’
NEVER is a generalisation that cut off all possibilities of having what we want at that moment.
It's easy to remain stuck there.


When we focus on LOSS , LESS or NEVER, it’s easy to end up in a negative state.

When we focus on what we don’t have, what we have less of compare to others, what’s not working...
We aren’t going to make ourselves feel happy and hopeful.


But you can snap out of it and you can stop comparing yourself to others and start appreciating what you have, the people around you, all that’s available to you right now.


Cultivating appreciation is the easiest way out because it is the opposite.

And in a world of polarity, the full spectrum is always available to us.
And it's our focus that moves us.

Choose what you focus on and the words you use to label your experience carefully because they affect you deeply.

Until next time be well.


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