What are you a vibrational match to ?

May 22, 2020
It is well known that the entire universe is made of energy.
Including us, and everything around us.
In fact, matter represents about 0.000000001% 
So even though everything appears as solid on the physical plane, it is very much not so.
Hence we are very much under the illusion of our ‘senses’, for there is so much that we can’t perceive.
For example, we can only see about 1% of the spectrum of light.
What would the world look like if we could see 10%?
Everything is energy and so are we.
That means that at every moment we are emitting an electromagnetic field around us.
We are like a radio station transmitting a specific frequency based on how we think and feel.
We could call that your vibrational identity. 
Now because of what you're vibrationally emitting, you are going to draw a similar match.
Because you are like a magnet.
Attracting back to you, what you are sending out to the unified (quantum) field.
Your energy ( how you think and feel)  literally shape the world around you.
When you change you energy you change you life.
The paradox is that we wait for life to change, in order to feel better.
-When I have x then I’ll really be good, it will all be great then…
But if you are feeling ‘miserable’ while waiting for it happen, 
you’re going to make it very difficult for you
because while your desire may be one thing, your 'vibrational identity' is a completely different one.
In other words, you are not in alignment with what you want.
The secret then is to change how you think and feel, in order for it to match the life that you want.

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