The Better Life Program

Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Success, And Confidence, To Create The Life You Want

In Just 30 Days!


The 30 Days Roadmap To Step Up And Truly Start Living Your Life!

Are You Ready To Get More Out Of Life?


This Program is Designed  To Propel You Into Becoming Your Most Confident And Empowered Self To Accelerate Your Success And Manifest What You Want... In Just 30 days!

It's time for a mindset makeover!

Over the 30 days, you will rewire your mind for success, abundance, absolute self-belief and create new atomic habits that will propel you to the next level 🚀

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What Would Your Life Be Like With Absolute Self-Belief And Confidence In Your Ability To Create The Life You Want?

Imagine living your best life, what does that look like for you?

What excites you, what brings your joy, what do you spend your days doing?


And ask yourself, why aren't you living that life now? 

Does it feel unreachable? Do you lack the skill/ability or resources to go after it?

Or is fear, lack of self-belief, and your old subconscious beliefs holding you back and keeping you stuck where you are?


I'm here to tell you that you can have what you want!

The KEY to your future success and prosperity is in your Subconscious Mind!

It's in understanding how to work with your subconscious mind and replacing the old patterns with new success habits.


And THAT is exactly what this program is about!

Are your fears, self-doubt, lack of self-belief, and insecurities holding you back...

...From truly living your best life manifesting what you want?

Are you playing small and settling for less than you really want, feeling helpless because you know that there is more to life?

You know deep down that there is so much more to how much can achieve, give, and experience in your life.

But for some reason, something is holding you back from the success and happiness you deserve.

And that something is your subconscious mindset.

You know all those negative thoughts and feelings that creep in to tell you:

➡️ You can't do it, it's too hard, too expensive, what if it doesn't work?
➡️ Making you feel guilty for not doing and having more
➡️ That inner critic voice beating you up
➡️ The crippling voice of fear and anxiety freezing you in your track

Sounds familiar?

But it doesn't have to stay that way!

There is a version of you that is free, abundant, confident, bold, fully self-expressed, waiting to be unleashed, and waiting to live your best life.

And all you need to do is unlock it, unlocking your true self.

 What If You Could Unlock Your True Potential For Success, abundance and Happiness In Just 30 Days...

...And start living your best life now!

Can you really transform and make positive changes in your life in just 10min per day?


And that's what this program is engineered to do!
Here's how it works:

Each day for the next 30 days, you'll get access to a powerful video lesson of 10min!
Each lesson gives you 1 transformational action to do during the day - design to create deep changes within you and in your life.

The MAGIC happens when you APPLY the tools you learned and create that change in your subconscious mind!

Step by step you will:

➡️ Break free from old negative thoughts/beliefs and emotional patterns,
➡️ Build new success habits,
➡️ Transform your relationship with yourself and create a powerful identity
➡️ Develop unshakable confidence and self-belief in yourself
➡️ Learn how to tap into your creative power to manifest what you want
➡️ Go through a guided hypnotic process to dissolve subconscious blocks
➡️ And so much more...

Imagine where your life could be in just 30 days?!

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Here's What You'll Get On The Better Life Program

Proven principles and knowledge that I have used and applied in my life and with over 400+ coaching clients to help them take their lives to the next level.

Week #1

Breaking Free, Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Worry and Anxiety.

The first week will help you take control of your mind, and break free from the negative thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, stressed and anxious.

Week #2

Transforming Your Mindset And Energy

We take control of your attitude and raise your energy which will lead you to manifest more success, happiness, and well-being for you and the people around you.

Week #3

Unlocking Your True Confident Self!

We go deep in week 3. It's time to shift to core beliefs that have been negatively affecting your relationship with yourself and others. This is a game-changer.
You'll go through a powerful guided hypnosis audio to unleash your inner confidence and dissolves subconscious blocks.

Week #4 

Ignite Your Manifesting Super Power And Rise Up!

Get ready for a powerful week! You'll learn how to use the power of your mind to achieve and manifest any goals and desires that you have!
Time to truly become the powerful manifestator that you are! Let's go.

Special Bonuses

Daily Email Reminder + Private Facebook Group

Get instantly notified by email each day when the new lesson is available! This will help you make sure you stay committed and on track!

Join the Facebook group to connect with link-minded people, share your journey, and receive the support you need along the way.

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What people say about the Better Life Program

Mikael Olausson

I really appreciated Nenad's course and enjoyed every day of it. I feel that I have grown as a result of doing the course and it highlighted many areas which I need to work on to create the life i want.

The videos and lessons are really impactful and not too long. He is truly inspiring in his coaching and really puts his heart into his work.

 Many eye-opening moments along the way and learnings were achieved. Deeply grateful for how impactful it was.

 I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to be transformed and grow.

Sudev Shah

Nenad's course was really helpful for me.
For a course at this price, it is definitely worth it!!

I remember I was dealing with my fear of what people will think of me if I did X or Y, and I was trying to find a way to solve this issue.

However, after joining Nenad's course, it did take me some time to realize that I was not dealing with a fear but rather an old bad habit of negative judgments i.e. I was very judgemental about everyone and everything.

Once I took care of that and did a few other things Nenad told me to do, i was managed to bring that old habit under control and now I no longer have that issue. In short, its worth it and I would highly recommend whoever is reading this to try it out.


Firstly, I want to say your program made me ponder. And boy did you make me cry when i faced my limiting stories.

This healing program is making me see and face things about myself that I didn't know were the cause of so many of my struggles.
The daily steps are really good for that, I felt my mindset and attitude changing as i was doing them.

It's truly life-changing and the way you explain and teach each of those lessons with such ease is amazing.
Thanks Nenad for your amazing program.

Special Price


Get Instant Access to:

  • The Better Life Program
  • Daily videos and action steps designed to transform your level of life for greater success and happiness
  • Specifically designed program for a 30-day period to perfection without being overwhelming or adding confusion
  • Discover how to let go of negative thoughts, worry, and anxiety
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind at the deepest level
  • Become your MOST confident self
  • Unleash your creative super power to manifest what you want
  • Transform your relationship with yourself and unlock your potential
  • Learn all the mindset tools you ever gonna need to create the life you desire

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At this price, it's almost a steal.

But I'm committed to helping you transform your life and accelerate your success and happiness.

This program is everything you need, it's the best investment you can make in yourself and a fantastic opportunity to learn and applied lessons that took me years and tens of thousands of $ to learn in my life.


It's never too late to invest in yourself AND it's always worth it!

As the saying goes: "the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the next best time is now." 


I'm not sure what a "Better Life" looks like for YOU...

But what I DO know is that the Better Life Program will help get you there as it helped so many other people before you!

About Nenad Popadic


Hey there,
My Name is Nenad Popadic and I'm a Mindset Coach, Interactive Hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, and International Speaker.

Over the years I have helped 1000+ of individuals and seminar participants to better their lives by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to shift their self-image and mindset.

Having worked with over 400+ 1on1 clients to help them transform their mindset, crush their insecurities and live their best lives, I can tell you that it takes little things to make BIG changes in one's life.

We often look for the BIG breakthrough and the BIG actions that will get us there... but the truth is that success and happiness is often found in the small daily habits that we have. And our ability to control our mind instead of letting it control us.

I've been through many chaotic and challenging times in my own life and it wasn't until I started taking control of my mind and implemented small daily habits that things really started taking off for me.

Now I want to help you do the same!
Because building the right mindset and self-image can be the greatest gift you ever give yourself and the people around you.

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Our Personal Promise...

We are 100% confident that if you do what we tell you to do in this program, you will succeed and get amazing results in your life!
However, If you follow the daily lessons in the program, complete all assignments and don't get any results, just contact us at just let us know and we'll give you a refund within 14 days!

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